These guys are just adorable.

You know what  I just LOVE about being behind in my blogging? I’m being serious here, I really love this. By the time I get around to blogging most sessions, it’s been AGES since I shot it, and I get to relive the whole thing all over again. Remember how much fun we had together, how much I enjoyed their company, how much of a connection we made. I read a guest post by Joe McNally {who I have THE most enormous professional crush on, I just LOVE him to pieces} on Scott Kelby’s blog tonight, and he talked about how when a person steps in front of your camera, you’re making them a promise. You’re promising them that you’ll take the trust they offer, the faith they have in you, and you’ll do it justice. He says that every person you shoot, you form a relationship with, and that has to be given the respect and care it deserves. See why I love him? He always seems to put my deepest driving forces into simple and clear words.

So this is the Paine family {plus Nic’s mum, who came over from NZ for the birth of her grandson…I love grandparents, they totally rock the house. My mother in law says that you should get to be a grandparent before you’re a parent. I know, total impossibility, but it tells you about the joy of the relationship, doesn’t it?}. They’re all ace, and really beautiful, inside and out.

Jen Birkhead Stunning x

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