The Warings

Meet the Warings. I knew Narelle back when she was a Hearn and we were at Deakin Uni together in Melbourne in the early 90’s (I know, ages ago, right?). Narelle taught me how to drink beer (I was a strictly spirits girl before I met her, and you just can’t do spirits when you’re a poor Uni student, even when they’re 2 for $5…that’s early 90’s pricing, right there!) and she also introduced me to my first serious boyfriend. We had an awesome time going to surf carnivals (our boys were surf lifesavers…*insert salacious wink here*) and celebrating our 21sts and getting up to all sorts of mischief. And studying. Loads of studying. Honest.

When I moved back to Perth (without the boy, boo hoo) we staying in touch for a little while, but I used to be pretty bad at keeping in contact with people, so we just drifted away from each other. 18 years later, I get a friend request on Facebook from a Narelle Waring…and it’s my old friend Narelle Hearn. I was quite excited, to say the least! We very quickly progressed to chatting on the phone, and when I told her that I was coming to Melbourne for work, she booked me in for a family session, with dinner and a sleep over attached. Yay!

So her family is just gorgeous, as you’ll see from the photos. She’s married to a lovely guy named Ben, and her boys are adorable. We had loads of fun hanging out around Mentone; we went to the beach and one of their local parks, then back to their home (which they renovated themselves…it’s amazing!). It was such a joy to see where my old friend’s life is now, and an even greater joy to discover that the thing that made us friends all those years ago is still alive. It reinforced my belief that true friendship will always exist, even if you aren’t always traveling on the same path.

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