Mary Jane was a good dog

A few weeks ago, we lost our beautiful puppy dog, Mary Jane. She had been diagnosed with lymphatic cancer a couple of months earlier, and she put in a good fight (assisted by the amazing Dr Ken Wyatt, veterinary oncologist extraordinaire, and all the vet nurses and other people working at Perth Veterinary Specialists), but it was just too much for her. She passed away at home, which we will forever be grateful for…we were so unhappy with the idea of putting her to sleep, but she was just having SUCH a bad time we knew it was inevitable. Happily (it’s kind of weird to use that term when I’m talking about our dog dying, but it’s just the way we feel), Mary Jane had other plans, and she took herself outside, lay down across the pathway – ever our protector – and drifted away. So peaceful. And the best thing is, it feels like she’s still here.

So, to celebrate our incredibly loyal, loving, fun, energetic, patient, cruisy, big, sometimes smelly, always cuddly dog, we decided to plant a tree in our garden. We had her cremated (because at 40-odd kilos, she was WAY too big to just bury) and the green box her remains came back in went into the hole too. Then we put her red leather collar around the tree’s base. The kids helped. It was really cool.

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