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My amazing friends Katie and Cobey are going through a really tough time right now. Katie was diagnosed with very aggressive, stage 3 breast cancer back in November, and after almost immediate surgery to remove the lump, my healthy, fit, gorgeous friend started an equally aggressive treatment, which includes 8 rounds of intense chemotherapy followed by 6 weeks of daily radiation therapy. She’s almost at the end of her chemo, and she’s doing really well (she’s a freaking tough cookie, I tell you), despite the debilitating effects of the chemicals pouring into her body every two weeks. She’s lost the long blonde hair that Cobey loved so much, but she still has her super long eyelashes and her perfectly shaped eyebrows and her fierce determination to kick the shit out of this cancer.

As soon as I heard about it, I contacted Katie and asked if she would be interested in having me come over and take some photos of her and Cobes. I strongly believe in the importance of documenting moments like these in our lives, not just for the sake of our own memory (which is a fickle thing and very unreliable) but so we can share our experiences with the children and grandchildren and great grandchildren in our lives. These are the things that form us, sometimes gently and othertimes with the unavoidable force of a 20 foot high tsunami, smashing into our world and tearing it into unrecognisable pieces. When the tsunami arrives, you have the choice of being swept away, consumed by the water and the awe and the terror, or you can wait until the water recedes and walk bravely into the future, building it as you go, using the reformed and reshaped elements of your life that you find on your way. Katie said to me, when I was photographing them last week, that there’s no way they’ll come through this the same people who started the journey, that they’ve already changed, and of course she’s right. The love these two incredible individuals feel for each other is a wonder to behold, and I have no doubt whatsoever that this experience, while traumatic and difficult, will bring about wonderful and joyful and love-fueled changes to their lives.

I’ll share a few images from their shoot, but before I do, there’s something else I want to share with you. When I arrived at their home today, to deliver their images, Katie gave me a gift. A bottle of delicious bubbles and the most beautiful card. It’s overwhelming that, in the middle of feeling like her joints belong to a person 50 years her senior, she would think to buy me a thank you gift. It was completely unexpected and so appreciated and I just don’t have the words to describe how grateful and privileged I feel to have been invited into their world. Katie and Cobey shared all of themselves with me, the pain and joy and love and fear, and it’s an experience I’ll always hold dear and I’ll never forget. xox


The beautiful thankyou…

And the beautiful Katie and Cobey and their lovely fur child, Marley…

Lee-Anne Congratulations De, on putting such an inspiring story into beautiful picture form. What a special couple. You go Katie – gorgeous, strong and courageous girl!!

Deanna Thanks, Lee-Anne, you’re ace. I’ll pass it on to Katie, just in case she doesn’t see the comment! xox

Sarah Carter ( nee Townend ) Beautiful photos of a beautiful couple. Such a touching story. I wish you both all the strength in the world. Keep smiling and keep loving. God bless you both xoxoxo

Linda Whyte It’s has honestly taking me a few goes to get right through this special group of photos. They are amazing photos for an amazing couple. Thank you for capturing them so beautifully and depicting them perfectly.

Tara She is beautiful and so are you 🙂 I haven’t met Katie, but I wish her all the love, healing & strength that she needs to fight this battle <3 Tara x

Ryan Katie and Coby are two of the nicest people I have had the pleasure of knowing, it really couldnt happen to someone more undeserving than Katie. Katie your strength and determination is truely an inspiration. These pictures sum these two up perfectly! Very good job. Catch up soon guys xo.

Lee Facey De – I don’t know this gorgeous couple either but I wish them Love and Light and will be thinking of them. Thankyou De for these amazing pictures. xx

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