Kiss n Tell sessions

Your Kiss n Tell session is a private couple session, held in the months before you tie the knot. It’s a divinely lovely way to celebrate the fact that you’re madly in love and setting out on this excellent adventure together. And it means you’ll have more gorgeous photos of yourselves to show your grandkids, which is always a good thing.

We’ll run around having a really good time for an hour or so, chasing pretty light and delicious scenery, and I’ll take lots of photos of you. You’ll get used to my shooting style, and I’ll get used to how you are with each other. Always a handy thing to have under your belt before the big day! You’ll receive your images as a part of your wedding package, in a lovely hardcover book.

You can also order some or all of your images as digital files, if you like. Some of my couples use their kiss n tell images in their wedding styling, which is a gorgeous way to share your photographs with your guests. And I love designing custom guest message books – they’re a delightful way to collect words of wisdom and good wishes for your life together.

The {kiss n tell} session is included in several of my packages, and can be added to the packages where it’s not included.

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