Jennifer Birkhead: The Lorna Jane Modern Muse


So my beautiful friend, Jennifer Birkhead, has entered a competition to become the Modern Muse of fitness clothing brand Lorna Jane. Jen fits the bill perfectly – she’s a fitness professional, teaching Pump and RPM at two gyms, as well as running her own personal training business – Vivid Health & Fitness {she’s my trainer, so you can trust me when I say – she’s the fittest, strongest woman I’ve ever met, and an amazingly motivating and supportive trainer to boot}. Jen also runs Jennifer Birkhead Design – which you’ll probably recognise because she’s responsible for my beautiful logo and the rebranding of my business. She’s uber talented, completely gorgeous {inside and out}, totally committed to people living the dream {whatever that dream is}, an amazing mother & wonder ful wife {better than me, that’s for sure – she leaves her hubby dinner if she’s not going to be home…Ben’d die of shock if I did that for him!}, and a very cherished friend.

I really believe she embodies everything the Modern Muse stands for, so when she asked me if I’d help her make her video entry, and said that it needed to be done within a week – eek! – I went straight into production mode! After a planning meeting, Jen made up a beautiful and descriptive storyboard, and we were off. We spent a day shooting the still images and some video footage, and then put the whole thing together in a bit of a marathon session on Friday {9 hours straight at the computer! We had square eyes by the time it was done!}.


Check out the video HERE.


Now this is a popularity contest, pure and simple.  She needs the most views, the most likes, and the most comments on both YouTube, and the Lorna Jane Facebook page. Here’s what you need to do, if you’re keen to help her win this thing:


1. Like and comment on the video on YouTube.

2. Share the living daylights out of the video – on Facebook, on Twitter, on your blog, email the link to everyone you know, whatever else you can think of.

3. Like and comment on the video on the Lorna Jane Facebook page, and share that link with everyone you know.

Jen really appreciates your support, and so do I.


De. xox

Deirdre Dee, you did SUCH a brilliant job!!! The shots are (as always) BEAUTIFUL!!!

Jen Birkhead You TOTALLY ROCK my world Ms Deanna Whyte xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Deanna Yay! Group hug! x

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