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Courtney and Stuart had a really awesome wedding, which, once you know them, makes ABSOLUTE sense. πŸ™‚ They’re adventurers, always on the lookout for fun and interesting things to do with their time. They’re both whip smart and effortlessly stylish, don’t sit still for long at all, and they’re all-round good people with lots of love in their hearts. My kinda peeps. β™₯

Stuart and Courtney came back to Perth from Paris (where they were living and working) for their wedding, so they could be with all their family and friends. But they brought France back with them: Stuarts very sharp suit was custom made for him by Blandin & Delloye (monogrammed! sigh), and his simple and elegant shoes are from LodinG. And yes, that’s me reflected in the gold bits of the wooden LodinG shoe trees. πŸ™‚

I’d been wanting to make a photo like the one below with wedding rings for AGES, but hadn’t come across a dictionary at the right time, and I prefer to shoot what’s already there, rather than bringing in elements that don’t belong to my couples – like my own dictionary. πŸ™‚ So I was VERY excited (possibly embarrassingly so!) when I found a lovely dictionary in Stuart’s parents’ home! These rings were made for Courtney and Stuart by a family friend, which makes them even more special.

Bow ties are remarkably complicated and this one was no exception. But that’s what the internet is for, right?

So there’s a lovely story to go with this wedding. I had photographed Courtney’s maid of honour’s wedding a year earlier, but as an associate for another Perth wedding photography studio. Courtney loved the photos and wanted the same wedding photographer, but Madelaine (the MoH) didn’t know my name, only the name of the studio I’d been shooting for. Courtney contacted them, but they were booked for her date. She asked for a recommendation, and was given my details. They Skyped me from Paris and we had an awesome chat, lots of laughter, and we really hit it off. They booked me in for their date, without either of us knowing that they were actually booking the photographer they had hoped for right from the start.

So, their wedding day arrives and, after leaving the boys, I show up to photograph Courtney and her girls getting ready and who is the first person I see? Madelaine (of course – it was her house)! She immediately turned to Courtney and said, “THIS IS HER! THIS IS MY WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER! THIS IS HER!”, which immediately turned into lots of suprised and happy laughter and hugs and a whole pile of satisfaction that this was absolutely meant to be and that universe had worked things out perfectly. What a way to kick off a truly wonderful day. :)β™₯

Courtney and the girls were looking gorgeous (lovely work by Thianna Sperry MUA and Andrea Rose Hair Design), all wearing matching robes and ready to receive their fabulous bridesmaid gifts from Swarovski. Courtney was pretty excited to give the girls their presents and they celebrated with a glass of yummy Moet bubbles, because honestly, what’s a wedding day without bubbles?! They’re a really tight group of friends, but so generous and open, and it really felt like I was hanging out with people I’d known for years…yay. Perfect. πŸ™‚

The bridal bouquets from Little Petals Floral Design were stunning, a beautiful combination of white and cream blooms set off perfectly with crisp green foliage and delicate baby’s breath. Classical, elegant and understated – very much Courtney’s style, as you’ll see from her choice of gorgeous bridal shoes from Repetto Paris and her incredible Stella York dress.

How stunning is this detail? Tiny delicate buttons nestled in soft, intricate lace work. So beautiful!

I love these moments. πŸ™‚ The in-between things that show the relationships between people – this is the bride and her sister, and you just know they’ve done exactly this so many times throughout their entire lives. :)β™₯ I think it’s my job as a wedding photographer to catch these moments, because they’re just as important as the more obvious wedding day things.

Courtney is an accomplished pianist, so we took advantage of the lovely old piano sitting in Madelaine’s lounge room for some bridal portraits before leaving for the wedding ceremony.

The outdoor ceremony took place at Matilda Bay, alongside the Swan River, and was beautifully and simply styled by Wedding Day Flair. We had the most perfect Perth wedding weather: bright blue skies, puffy little clouds, lovely warm sun. Stuart stood nervously under a tree while Dolce Ensembles entertained the guests, all waiting impatiently for their first glimpse of the stunning bride, who was to be walked down the aisle by both parents.

The ceremony was full of laughter and love, with beautiful readings from family and friends, and proud parents watching their amazing children marry the love of their life. Ann Lord CMC, as always, officiated perfectly, with impeccable timing and lovely subtlety. It was simple and authentic, all rounded out with heartfelt and genuine vows from Courtney and Stuart. Joy and happiness filled the space, and beamed out of everyone’s smiling faces. It was deep and moving, light and funny, all at the same time.

Afterwards, we strolled around the grounds of UWA, where Courtney and Stuart first met, before heading over to Kings Park for champagne and more bridal portrait photos.

The reception was held at Mosmans Restaurant, one of the premier Perth wedding reception venues. Overlooking the Swan River, it has spectacular views across the bay and an incredible menu. Mosman’s know how to throw a party, that’s for certain, and the venue always looks amazing when it’s styled for a wedding, especially when Touched by Angels is doing the decorating. Little Dollop Cakes did a wonderful job with their wedding cake, and it tasted just as good as it looked!

We had a spectacular sunset, which preceded a crazy thunderstorm – luckily we were safe inside when the rain hit! I’m pretty glad I had the chance to capture Mosman’s like this in the early evening light, with the storm clouds rolling in…so dramatic!

The speeches were definitely a highlight of this wonderful wedding – laugh out loud funny and love-filled sentiments galore.

Once the speeches were over and the cake was cut, it was time to party!!! Out came the magnum of Pol Roger (more bubbles; I told you these guys were my kind of peeps!) to share a toast over a delicious dessert from the Mosman’s set wedding menu.

Then Courtney and Stuart lit up the dance floor in one of the best first dances I’ve seen, full of twirls and dips and lifts and kisses. It was romantic, fun, and very well executed…Courtney and Stuart, to an absolute T. :)β™₯

Erik Natural and beautiful pictures Deanna!

Fotograf Nunta Such an emotion in your photographs!
Thanks for sharing!

Deanna Thank you for saying so! I’m so glad your enjoy them. πŸ™‚

Deanna Thank you, Eric! 😊😊😊

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